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Introducing the Weekly Health Quest – Practical steps you can take to enhance your health

While having a nice chat with my friend Amy Frost this Sunday, we realized that we had allowed some of our daily self-care rituals to fall by the wayside. One of our favorite rituals involves us simultaneously preparing and enjoying a cup of tea at 3:00 pm each week day from our respective offices (mine in Mountain View, CA and hers in Las Vegas, NV).

We decided that this week we would re-institute this meditative tradition. We committed to do this ritual every day for the next 5 days. No big, long-term commitment. Just one small step towards enhancing our health through a simple meditative exercise that takes all of 5 minutes to perform. This hands-on experience provides both our body and our mind with a respite from the hectic work day.

As we chatted about self-care in general, we came back to a topic for which we both have a great passion: making self-care easy and practical. We all face a variety of constraints that can get in the way of self-care, including bandwidth, motivation, and financial pressures.

So, we pressed our “Easy” buttons and came up with the idea of a Weekly Health Quest to share health-enhancing actions that anyone can do in the real-world of deadlines and packed calendars.

How the Weekly Health Quest Works

Each Monday we’ll share on our Facebook pages (Catie’s Page and Amy’s Page) a Health Quest, an action we commit to take daily that will promote our personal well-being. We invite you to join us on the Health Quest and share your experiences via comments on the post. Amy and I will do likewise.

Together, we can support each other in practicing self-care on a practical level. Will you join us?

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