If you’re looking to make major health changes—from losing weight to addressing chronic conditions, transforming your fitness to recharging your vitality—it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This is where a health coach can make all the difference.

Leveraging the expert guidance and personal support of a coach can be the most powerful investment you can make in your health.

A health coach guides the overarching process—from clarifying your vision to defining strategies for maintaining success once you have attained your goals. Armed with a holistic knowledge of how fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle influence well-being, a health coach works with you to design an inclusive, flexible and responsive plan to move daily practices toward healthy choices.

Health coaches step in and help where other healthcare practitioners are unable to, providing the following:

  • Specific goals to work toward
  • Recipes and diet guidelines
  • Exercises that fit your unique needs
  • Lifestyle management tools to help reduce stress that can contribute to diseases associated with aging

If your doctor has given you a diagnosis, your health coach can help you better understand a diagnosis and assist with following through on the doctor’s treatment plan. Coaching can also incorporate powerful lifestyle changes to augment that plan.

Our health coaches specialize in supporting your health and wellness goals by offering concrete strategies and personal encouragement.

  • Health coaching (individual and group)
  • Meal planning suggestions
  • Recipe modifications to fit a special diet (i.e., DASH, Mediterranean, heart-healthy, and diabetic)
  • Recommendations for creating a healthy pantry

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