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Weed it or Eat it: Dandelion

When you saw the yellow flowers in the picture associated with this blog post, what were your first thoughts?  Did you think, "Oh no, my lawn is ruined by that nasty weed!" or did you think, "Yum, lunch!"? "Half the world love it, uses it for medicine, and dines on it regularly.  The other half… Continue reading Weed it or Eat it: Dandelion

Nutrition, Osteoporosis

Are you dense or what?

Bone density has captivated the minds and worries of most women who have reached the age of 45 and beyond.  Why?  Because the media, the conventional medical community, and pharmaceutical companies have successfully convinced us that we face an inevitable loss of bone density as we age.  Is it true?  Is it inevitable that we'll… Continue reading Are you dense or what?