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RISQ Take in 2019

As part of the StressLess for the Holidays series hosted by Transformation Cafe, Robin, Amy, and I discussed the Pre-resolution Solution. What is the Pre-resolution Solution? Simply put, it is a process that helps you leverage your 2018 results (or lack thereof) to craft your goals for 2019 and define an effective action plan. During this process, you…

  • Acknowledge your achievements in 2018
  • Learn from your hits and misses
  • Identify and secure the resources needed for 2019 goals
  • Build a doable plan
  • Create a contingency plan

What are the steps?

The Pre-resolution Solution process has five steps, what I call RISQ Take:

The 5-step process for making your pre-resolutions.

We discussed each of the steps in detail during two recent sessions
(Dec 11 and 18) of Transformation Cafe. In case you missed the sessions or want to listen again, click on the audio files below or download them to listen later.

Transformation Cafe – The Pre-resolution Solution (Part 1)
Transformation Cafe – The Pre-resolution Solution (Part 2)

Click the picture below to download the presentation that outlines each step of the process.

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