Radio Appearances (Transformation Cafe)

Catie is the resident Nutrition Guru and Guest Chef on the online radio show, Transformation Cafe, hosted by Robin Masiewicz with co-host Amy Frost. Below are links to some of the shows featuring Catie and focusing on nutrition.

TC 327 Making Food your Friend for the Holidays

TC 337 Growing Forward

TC 352 Staying Well on Vacation

TC 362: Seasonal Eating. The What, When, and Why of Summer to Fall with Our Food Guru

TC 415- StressLess for the Holidays- Part 5 Food Freedom with Catie Fitzgerald

TC 416: StressLess for the Holidays – PRE-Resolution SOULutions – Part 1

TC 417: StressLess for the Holidays – PRE-Resolution SOULutions – Part 2

TC: 424 – March Myths: Debunking Foods and Fitness Myths with our Food Guru Catie Fitzgerald

TC 448: PlantPower Foods! Learning How to Keep it Simply, By Keeping It Natural

 TC 518 Home Day Spa! with Catie Fitzgerald: Natural Ways to Relax and Restore

TC 520: Catie is back to give Us the Low Down on circadian rhythms

TC 520: Holiday Detoxing made Easy-Yes! Enjoying the Holidays at the Same Time!

TC: 529 Super Hero Herbs! with Our Food Guru, Catie Fitzgerald